We are adventurers, just like you.

Our Vision

We are a community of like-minded adventurers: people who seek both the thrill and the solace of the Great Outdoors.

At Adventure on the Cheap, we believe that adventure belongs to all, not merely the financially privileged few. Wherever there is a lake, an ocean, a mountain or a beach, there is adventure to be found.

You’ll find adventures to whet your appetite. You’ll find adventures you didn’t know existed. Iceberg diving off the Hudson Bay? Check. Parkour in Europe’s cities? Check. Rock scrambling in the Blue Ridge mountains of Eastern America? You got it!

We focus on physically challenging exploits: hiking, rock climbing, diving, mountain biking, swimming, trail running, surfing and more. Here, adventure requires get up and go. We want you to see the world!

What We Don't Do

We don’t do cruise ships, restaurant tours, best-of city guides, first-class flights (or private jets), heli tours, luxury concierge services, yacht rentals, spa services, or whatever else the 1% do to occupy their time.

Here, we get sweaty and sunburnt. We camp (and sh*t) in the woods. By sail, foot, wheel or oar, we explore the beauty of the outdoors (and meet the people lucky enough to call it home).

AdventureOnTheCheap.com does not offer adventure tours, book hotels, sell tickets, or anything of the sort. This is a website run by adventurers for adventurers.

Know Before You Go

Here, you can read stories and Know-Before-You-Go Guides from fellow adventurers who have been there, done that, and lived to tell about it.

Our Guides are a 10-20 minute introduction to your next adventure. We tell you about:

  • The activity (swimming, hiking, etc.)
  • The region (biome, city, state, etc)
  • The costs (what gear is required?)

We also write Affordable Gear Lists to help you make the most of your hard-earned cash! We break down what you need, how much you need, and where you can get it!

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Meet Andy, Adventurer-in-Chief

Hello Reader!

I remember the first time I saw the Rocky Mountains. I was 16, en route to a Christian Bible Camp in the foothills of the Denver Front Range. The first time I saw the Rockies, I thought they were clouds.

I didn’t grow up a risk-taker. I loved (and still love) books, buttery dinner rolls, and quiet evenings.

My first real adventure was at age 18. I was in college and, well, not exactly loving it. One night, I sat up in bed and announced to my dorm room, “I’m going to bike across the United States.”

So I did. Sorta. After doing some more research, I decided the Midwest wasn’t worth my time, so I made a 3,000-mile loop-de-loop through Kansas, Colorado,  Utah, Idaho, Montana and South Dakota. 

I love recreational adventures. Depending on the season (and my budget), you can find me rock climbing, skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, kayaking, skating, or trying out something I’ve never done before, like open water swimming or paragliding!

AdventureOnTheCheap isn’t just a blog to me. It’s a chance to introduce people to this wonderful world of outdoor adventure that has sustained me for many years. My adventures have etched life lessons on my memory. I’ve made friends, reclaimed family, and found God in the mountains. I invite you to join me!