15 Newbie Rappelling Mistakes

According to a 2012 study by the American Alpine Club, here are three big reasons for death or injury while rappelling: Inadequate anchor systems, or

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Affordable Gear List for Top Rope Solo Climbing

No, this isn’t how to become Alex Honnold. Unlike “free soloing,” top rope soloing still requires a rope! But rather than climbing with a partner who dynamically belays you from the anchor of the pitch, you climb alone, ascending a fixed top rope with a self-belay device (or two, as you’ll see).

Gear Guide

Affordable Gear List for Inflatable Kayaking

Speaking as someone who hates his seats … don’t get cheap seats. They’re not worth it. My seats are simple inflatables, like a kid’s water wings. They just never hold air for more than an hour or two. Then I get to sit in 2 inches of frigid water for the rest of the trip, cursing my cheapskate-ness.

Your seat should strap or buckle in place. And it should have excellent back support. These are both critical features for rough water and long excursions.